Justin Miller

Hometown: Gardner, MT

Why you moved to Big Sky: I came to Big Sky for skiing in 1995 and moved here in 1998. I looked at moving to Big Sky specifically because I saw the potential for all the future growth here.

Hobbies: skiing, snowmobiling, hanging with the family, wrangling my 3-year-old daughter, flying airplanes, hiking and being outdoors in nature.

What you do in your position: I work primarily with the Forestry and community development side of the business. My focus is keeping the lines of communication open with regards to improving the Wildland Urban Interface for any new and existing development in Big Sky. I have a passion for welcoming newcomers to Big Sky and teaching them about nature and how to manage it. My favorite part of my job is being able to build ski runs, that add value and pleasure to the surrounding communities.